Express Your Royalty With the New Chevy Cavalier Car

Ever since its foundation in the year 1911, Chevrolet, a car manufacturer company, founded by none other than the General Motor founder William C. Durrant, has launched highly efficient and smart cars. The latest to join this race is the new model of the Chevy Cavalier Car.

The first model of this car was launched in 1980’s and the latest model was introduced in 2005. Read further to know more about the performance and specifications of the latest model available in the market.

New Chevy Cavalier Models

After a series of researches and observations, Chevrolet brought out the recent 2005 Cavalier models. Apart from featuring the standard features, this new series offers an AM/FM stereo and an enhanced air conditioning. Also known as, the second generation of the Cavalier, the 2005 models replaced the 2.2 liter version with a 2.4 liter version and 120-horsepower four-cylinder with a highly efficient 150 horsepower four-cylinder.

Chevy Cavalier 2005 Models

As mentioned earlier, 2005 model is the latest model of this Cavalier series. This model is available in two different body configurations, namely, Coupe and Sedan. In Coupe series, you get to choose from four great styles, including Special Value, Base, LS and LS Sport. All these four Coupe 2005 models of this car are priced at $ 5,748, $ 7,601, $ 8,455 and $ 9,173 respectively. On the other hand, the Sedan series comprises of three models, including Base, LS and LS Sport, priced at $ 7,449, $ 8,271 and $ 8,969 respectively.

Features of 2005 Coupe Models

All the 2005 Cavalier Coupe models incorporate various amazing features and the best of the lot include its 5-Speed transmission, superb sound system, Ecotec engine and to add on all this is its cool sporty look. That’s not all; the 2005 Cavalier Couple models are also fuel-efficient.

Features of 2005 Sedan Models

Features like a 5-Speed transmission, superb sound system are common to the Sedan series of this car. All the Sedan Models of Cavalier are high in performance, comfort, reliability, interior design, exterior design and fuel economy. Moreover, they are fun-to-drive and require low maintenance.

Low price, low maintenance, high performance, high fuel efficiency and latest features, what else do you want in a car? All these and lots more come at your doorstep in the form of a smart car called Chevy Cavalier. Believe it or not, buying any model of this car is worth every penny you spend to make it yours.